“A small daily task if it really be daily, will beat the labors of a spasmodic Hercules”
— Anthony Trollope

Since September 12, 2005 I have made one small piece of art every day. I collect bits of visual information and experiment with different media and subject matter in these daily works. Along the way I have kept a blog of these paintings, now totaling over 6500 works.

My larger paintings are natural outgrowths of this obsessive and committed ritual. They begin as a conversation between physical action and internal stillness; an initial transfer of energy with marks, washes, drawing, brushstrokes and drips gives way to a slow process of editing and building through adding, obscuring and revealing. I deliberately keep the painting open and unresolved for as long as possible, dwelling in uncertainty and pushing the edge of my understanding.  The result are paintings with richly layered surfaces and an underlying history that exudes breath, depth and life.  Painting is a meditation practice for me, and my work is conversation between my internal landscape and the natural world.